I am a Technology hobbyist amongst other things.
I offer a variety of services. If interested feel free to contact me.

For my Plex users.

How to configure direct play on various platforms:

I am a Sys Admin by day & Sys Admin by night.
I never sleep… almost.

During the day I develop, deploy, and maintain various systems and services in the cooperate world.  Come nightfall I am doing the same, but on my home network and for significantly less money.  My users are happy in both areas…so silver linings I guess.

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Web Hosting

I have a bit of excess server space I can lease out on occasion. If you have a small project you want hosted, we can work something out.

General IT

Anything from basic PC troubleshooting and repair to full on cloud infrastructure deployments. I ain’t too bad at networking either.


Pretty self explanatory, I tend to support my work. Also a pretty good listener if you need a shoulder to cry on, might cost you extra though.

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